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Wondering how to find a nurse practitioner preceptor?

We offer unique benefits to nurse practitioner students, graduate nursing programs, preceptors and medical practices. 

Nurse Practitioner Students

You need a clinical preceptorship to complete your degree requirements. However, even in normal times, finding a preceptor can be a huge undertaking. In the age of Covid, it's become even more challenging. By signing up with Clinical Match Me, you gain access to our nationwide network of preceptors. Signing up is completely free. You don't pay anything until we match you with a preceptor and you accept the match.

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Graduate Nursing Programs

It's important to help your students obtain essential hands-on experience. With more than seven years experience and having placed students from over 280 graduate nursing programs, Clinical Match Me has become the leading preceptor matching service. We popularized the idea of paid preceptorships because we realized preceptors can't afford to work for free. Let us help you help your students achieve their educational goals.

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We know in a perfect world, you'd gladly donate your time to precept nurse practitioner students. Unfortunately, in the real world, your time is at a premium and you need to make a living. That's why as a Clinical Match Me preceptor, you'll earn a substantial honorarium for each student you precept. We make it possible for you to get paid for sharing your knowledge and experience with nurse practitioner students.

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Medical Practices

Between insurance companies cutting reimbursements and the financial stresses resulting from Covid, it's becoming increasingly difficult for your medical practice to remain profitable. Accepting nurse practitioner students for paid preceptorships can supplement your income, while providing your practice with potential future hires. At your option, we can pay your practice or we can pay your preceptors directly. 

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