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Preceptor Finder Service

For Nurse Practitioner Students

Why Clinical Match Me?

Clinical Match Me is the original nurse practitioner preceptor finder service. Our founder is a nurse practitioner himself and we’ve been doing this since 2014. 

No Up-Front Fees

With Clinical Match Me, there are no up-front fees of any kind and no subscription fees. You owe us nothing until we find you a preceptor and you accept the match. We are the zero-risk preceptor finder service

Online Portal

After signing up, you'll gain immediate access to our convenient online portal, where you can complete your profile and submit your placement requests for upcoming clinical rotations.

Streamlined Process

Once you accept a placement offer, we'll automatically send your school's preceptor agreement for the preceptor to e-sign. You'll then receive the signed agreement in your account, so you can download it and provide it to your school.

Total Control

With Clinical Match Me, you're in the driver's seat. You have total control over the matching process. You'll receive an email each time a preceptor sends you a placement offer. You can then review the preceptor's info and either accept or decline the offer

We Care

Clinical Match Me was founded in 2014, by a nurse practitioner. When our founder was in school, he was forced to sit out a semester, because he couldn't find a preceptor. He later founded Clinical Match Me to help students who found themselves in the same situation.

Most Preceptors

We currently have over 220,000 potential preceptors in our database, throughout all 50 states, in all specialties. We are adding new preceptors daily.

Wondering how to find a preceptor?

We offer unique benefits to nurse practitioner students, graduate nursing programs, preceptors and medical practices.

Graduate Nursing Programs

It's important to help your students obtain essential hands-on experience. With more than seven years experience and having placed students from over 280 graduate nursing programs, Clinical Match Me has become the leading preceptor matching service. We popularized the idea of paid preceptorships because we realized preceptors can't afford to work for free. Let us help you help your students achieve their educational goals.

Finding a nurse practitioner preceptor can be stressful and time-consuming

Our preceptor finder service takes the stress away and makes it easy!

Stressing out over finding a preceptor?

As a graduate nursing student, you have a packed schedule. Between working full-time, going to school full-time, and perhaps even taking care of a family, you have no time to spare. Despite this reality, you’re expected to find a qualified NP, MD, DO or PA who’s willing to take students, who works in the specialty you need, and who happens to be available to precept you within your required date range.

If this feels overwhelming, you’re not alone. There are thousands of nursing students in the same boat and many are stressing out, just like you.

Time is Money

The process of finding a preceptor can be daunting, especially when you don’t have enough free time to focus on the task. It may require hundreds of phone calls, emails and interviews to find a preceptor who meets your requirements and is willing to precept you. If you manage to find a preceptor, the work doesn’t end there. Both you and the preceptor still need to complete the required paperwork, submit it to your school within the deadline and hope they approve it.

Finding a nurse practitioner preceptor is such a problem that many students have had to sit out a semester or longer, postponing their graduation. The opportunity cost of sitting out a semester is at least three months salary, possibly $30,000 or more, for each clinical course postponed. 

Inexpensive Flat Rate

Our pricing is inexpensive and easy-to-understand. We don’t charge per clinical hour. Instead, we charge a flat all-inclusive rate of $1,995 per placement, for NP students. This includes our fee and the honorarium we pay to the preceptor. There are no hidden feesno sign up feesno subscription fees and no cost until you accept a preceptor match. If you don’t want to pay the entire amount up-front, we offer convenient payment plans, such as making four smaller payments, spread out over three months. We designed our preceptor finder service to be completely risk-freestress-free, and affordable, so sign up today!

No sign up fees, no subscription fees and no obligations

We designed our preceptor finder service to relieve your stress, not cause you more stress. That’s why there are no sign up feesno subscription fees and no obligation to accept any preceptor matches we find for you.  The only time you’ll pay is after you accept a match and both you and the preceptor have signed the documents required by your school. Using our preceptor finder service is 100% risk-free!

Convenient, streamlined process

Besides making it easy to find a preceptor, our preceptor finder service makes it fast and convenient for you and the preceptor to complete the required documents:

  1. After you accept a preceptor’s offer, we instantly send you the documents required by your school, pre-filled with the information from your profile and your placement request.
  2. You eSign the documents.
  3. We instantly send the documents to the preceptor for his or her signature.
  4. The preceptor eSigns the documents.
  5. We email the fully executed documents to both you and the preceptor. We also upload a copy of the signed documents to your Clinical Match Me account. If your school is registered with us, they’ll be able to download the documents directly from your account

Learn More

Watch this video to learn how to become a Clinical Match Me preceptor and start earning $1,000 for each student you precept.


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