Graduate nursing students have a full schedule – between working full time, going to school full time, taking care of a family – and now you are expected to find a preceptor.

You are expected to find a qualified NP, MD, DO or PA that is not only willing to take students, is in the specialty that you need, and available the dates that you need them.

Sounds easy right? Not even close!

Finding a preceptor is a daunting task for everyone, especially when you don’t have any free time to get it done. It takes no less than 100 calls to find one preceptor that will fit your requirements, and then there is paperwork that needs to be completed correctly and submitted on time.

Finding a nurse practitioner preceptor is such a problem that many students have had to sit out a semester or longer, postponing their graduation. Ultimately delaying the advancement of their career and the start of living the life that they desire.

The opportunity cost is high, at a minimum three months’ salary, as a Nurse Practitioner thats more than $30,000 for every clinical course postponed.

Clinical Match Me works for you to find preceptors and clinical slots for you to accept. Once you accept the preceptor and the preceptor accepts you, we will prepare the paperwork to submit for your program.

You are responsible for paying for the service – that’s right, you don’t pay until you are matched. The cost for this service is $1995 per required clinical preceptor.

That is a small price to pay to be able to graduate on time and to begin your new career on time – providing you pass your class, but you will not be held back because you could not find a preceptor.

You can try to do this on your own and spend hundreds of hours of your valuable time away from your family, school or work or you can outsource this to a Professional Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Finder Service.