Students’ number one complaint is that it is nearly impossible to find preceptors.

Why work with Clinical Match Me?

Our service costs nothing to the college or university, we will save you money. Colleges and universities spend tens of thousands of dollars every semester paying staff to help students simply get the paperwork correct, and we always submit complete and correct document sets.

1. There is no cost to the school

2. The preceptor and clinical application you receive will be complete the first time, every time

3. Staff will spend less hours reviewing applications, saving you money and time

4. Students will be happier and will not have their graduations delayed because they could not find a preceptor

5. We automate the paperwork process and utilize secure electronic signatures

6. We provide support to the preceptor and student throughout the process

7. The student is never charged unless they are placed

This is a win-win win situation. The students win by getting to graduate on time, the preceptors win because they get to precept and not deal with the headaches of fielding phone calls and dealing with paperwork – they even get an honorarium for their time – and the colleges win because they have happier students and save tens of thousands of dollars because they receive complete packages from Clinical Match Me that take less time to process.